New Settings
An international programme dedicated to the performing arts
Artist's Residencies

Artists' Residencies

Carte blanche to visual artists in the Hermès workshops
Every year since 2010, the Foundation has invited artists to explore exceptional skills and practices through residencies at the Hermès workshops. Offering a veritable carte blanche to creativity, the Artists’ Residencies programme enables participants to produce original works with exceptional materials as they work alongside Hermès artisans in an environment that encourages unusual and unique artistic experiments.

The Foundation’s exhibitions

Five spaces dedicated to contemporary art
Through its desire to help artists reach an international audience, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès supports a programme of events at five contemporary art spaces in Europe and Asia. At each of the venues, a strong identity has been established by specialist curators and the in situ works of guest artists.


A French American Photography Commission
A collaboration with the Aperture Foundation in New York City. United in artistic excellence and the desire to accompany emerging artistic gestures. Immersion is a programme dedicated to photography and built around artists’ residencies held in France and the USA, in addition to an exhibition of the resulting works, and the publication of a book.

Biodiversity & Ecosystems

A commitment to the preservation of biodiversity
Fostering a harmonious relationship between humans and ecosystems. Taking inspiration from populations who are as one with fragile ecosystems, who call upon ancient practical skills to make use of raw materials and resources. And focusing the Foundation’s activities on making more information and training available on sustainable practices for growing crops, breeding livestock and developing the built environment.


Discovering artisan trades in the school environment
The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès is at the helm of a programme aimed at raising the profile of manual trades among young pupils from primary school to sixth form. Manufacto, the Skills Factory highlights the value of artisan skills, by giving younger generations the tools to experiment and to develop a greater appreciation of their everyday environment.

Heart - Head - Hand
A social solidarity programme designed for staff at the house of Hermès
H³. Heart. Head. Hand. Solidarity initiatives from around the world, supported by the Foundation, at the suggestion of Hermès house staff members. A two-fold humanist commitment: “of each staff member towards the not-for-profit organisations, and of the international solidarity projects that they choose to sponsor”.
Skills Academy

The Skills Academy

A professional skills upgrading programme
Keen to help artisans and creators think more innovatively about their skills, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès has founded the Skills Academy. Designed as a laboratory for developing skills, the programme places the collective intelligence of its participants at the service of innovation, creation and sustainability.