The Foundation’s exhibitions

Five spaces dedicated to contemporary art
The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès has five exhibition spaces worldwide. Situated in Europe and Asia and dedicated to contemporary art, these sites often present works on show for the first time; they aim to reach the broadest possible audience thanks to a policy of free admission. Each space is overseen by a specialist curator, who develops a unique programme that draws upon the local scene as well as featuring French and international artists.

La Verrière in Brussels, Atelier Hermès in Seoul, Aloft at Hermès in Singapore, the Forum in Tokyo and La Grande Place, Musée du Cristal Saint-Louis, in Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche, Moselle: five spaces that play host to projects specially conceived by invited artists throughout the year. The Foundation closely accompanies every step of the creative process, and supports the development of original approaches and artistic gestures, from their production stages through to their presentation to the public.

From the airy, skylit volumes of the Brussels space to the translucent glass bricks of Renzo Piano’s building in Tokyo, the emphasis is on creating new works of art over presenting existing ones. All the works produced for the Foundation’s spaces remain the property of the artist, as part of an approach to patronage that further encourages contemporary creation by bringing it within the reach of the broadest possible audience. Across the different spaces, publications and cultural events – artists’ talks, workshops for children, conferences and performances – increase the impact of the exhibitions and promote understanding of the works on display.

Thu-Van Tran
Thu-Van Tran, installation view of "Une place au soleil" ('A place in the Sun'), La Grande Place Musée du Cristal Saint-Louis © O.H Dancy
Jeremy Sharma
Jeremy Sharma, installation view of "fidelity", Aloft at Hermès, Singapore © Edward Hendricks

The programming of each space is dedicated both to promoting the local artistic scene and to make known the work of French artists, whether they are at the start of their careers or more established figures. 

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