"Danse élargie"

Danse élargie 2018 © Laurent Philippe
Danse élargie 2018 © Laurent Philippe
Danse élargie 2018 © Laurent Philippe
(La) Horde, show "To Da Bone", 2017 © Laurent-Philippe
Jeong Seyoung, show "Deus ex Machina", 2017 © LG Arts Center/JD Woo
Danse Élargie [Expanded Dance] speaks loud and clear of the performing arts’ openness to a wide range of practices and expressive forms. Every two years, this competition reveals new, emerging talents. As part of the Artists in the Community programme, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès supports this event and the presentation of work by its finalists in professional conditions.

Devised by the Musée de la Danse in Rennes, the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris and the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, Danse élargie is open to artists from all disciplines and of all nationalities, who are invited to apply through an online call for projects. Twenty or so propositions are selected from the hundreds of submissions, to be performed on stage in front of an international panel of artists and an enthusiastic audience. The rules are simple: productions must be staged in public, involve new fewer than three performers, and last no longer than ten minutes, whatever their mode of expression.

Year in, year out, Danse élargie has proved a springboard for emerging talents from all backgrounds, whose performance languages transcend disciplines. Amongst the talents to have come to the fore thanks to this unique event are Mithkal Alzghair, Mohamed El Khatib, Tatiana Julien, Simon Tanguy, Noé Soulier and (LA)HORDE. As part of its Artists in the Community programme, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès has accompanied this event since its launch in 2010, and has extended its support with the programming of work by finalists and laureates at the Théâtre de la Ville, at the start of the autumn season every two years.

Since the 2020 edition of Danse élargie could not take place, the 19 finalists – who came together in an online video to bring this edition to life in a new way – received a development bursary funded by the Foundation. In 2021, the Foundation will support the Théâtre de la Ville for the public debuts of works created by eleven of the 2020 finalists, as well as by two finalists from the festival’s very first edition in 2010. These thirteen performances will take place in 2021 at the Théâtre de la Ville – Les Abbesses, in Paris, offering an increased visibility to this cohort of young artists in a context that is particularly challenging for those embarking upon a career in the performing arts. This presentation of their work in a prominent institution offers an important opportunity for them to introduce their work to the general public as well as to dance professionals. In 2022, the competition returns to its original format, with public performances of projects by the eighteen finalists, from four different continents, over a weekend in June – an encounter that promises a veritable creative effervescence.

Performing arts
Théâtre de la Ville-Paris / Espace Cardin
The Danse Élargie competition encourages performance works that go beyond the beaten track and foreground the blending of disciplines.
Before an international panel of artists and an enthusiastic audience, young talents experiment with new ways of activating the theatre stage.
Beyond the competition, artists are accompanied towards ever broader horizons around the world.


  • The 13 works by Danse Élargie finalists (2010 and 2020) to be presented at the Théâtre de la Ville – Théâtre des Abbesses, Paris, from September 10-25, 2021
    • Yaïr Barelli (finalist 2010), Dolgberg
    • Sylvain Riéjou (finalist 2010), Je rentre dans le droit chemin (…)
    • Dalila Belaza (finalist 2020), Au cœur
    • Sean Gandini (finalist 2020), Life
    • Mellina Boubetra (finalist 2020), RĒHGMA
    • Smaïl Kanouté (finalist 2020), Never Twenty-One
    • Trimukhi Platform (finalist 2020), Cooking Stone (film)
    • Mathilde Rance (finalist 2020), Karnaval
    • Rémi Esterle (finalist 2020), Beauté bâtarde
    • Nicolas Barry (finalist 2020), Step Dancing
    • Julien Grosvalet (finalist 2020), Flashlights
    • Sudesh Adhana (finalist 2020), Untamed Donkeys
    • Mazel Freten (Brandon Malgoneige Masele & Laura Defretin) (finalists 2020), Rave Lucid
  • Finalists 2020
    • Sudesh Adhana, Untamed Donkeys (Norvège, Inde)
    • Nicolas Barry, Step Dancing (France)
    • Dalila Belaza, Au cœur (France, Algérie)
    • Mellina Boubetra, Intro (France)
    • Nina Chalot & Romain Delamart, Fox Trott (France)
    • Wendy Cornu, Volutes (France)
    • Myrto Delimichali, A process (Grèce)
    • Thibaut Eiferman, H H H (France, États-Unis)
    • Rémi Esterle, Beauté bâtarde (France)
    • Tamir Eting, 20 20 (Israël)
    • Cassiel Gaube, Soirées d'études (Belgique)
    • Julien Grosvalet, Flashlights (France)
    • Gandini Juggling, Life (Royaume-Uni)
    • Smaïl Kanouté, Never Twenty-One (France)
    • Filipe Lourenço, Gouâl (Portugal, France)
    • Mazelfreten (Brandon Malboneige Masele & Laura Defretin), Rave Lucid (France)
    • Trimukhi Platform, Cooking Stone (Inde)
    • Mathilde Rance, Karnaval (France)
    • Andrea Spreafico & Matteo Fargion, The October Revolution Took Place in November (Norvège, Royaume-Uni)
  • Danse Élargie 2022

    The 18 works by Danse Élargie finalists, 2022:

    • Amit Noy, A Big Big Room Full of Everybody's Hope (Nouvelle Zélande)
    • Bruce Chiefare, BREAK (France)
    • Jerson Diasonama, CORE (France)
    • Josépha Madoki, D.I.S.C.O (Don't Initiate Social Contact with Others), (France)
    • Leïla Ka, Épancher (France)
    • Dovydas Strimaitis, Hairy (Lithuanie, Marseille)
    • Omori Yoko, Help (Japon)
    • Ioanna Paraskevopoulou, Invisible Heroes (Grèce)
    • Ahilan Ratnamohan & Feras Shaheen, Klapping (Australie, Palestine, Bruxelles)
    • Josué Mugisha, La première danse politique (Burundi)
    • Surjit Nongmeikapam, Meepao (Inde)
    • Tidiani N’Diaye, Mer Plastique (France, Mali)
    • Collectif ÈS, Mireille (France)
    • Yasmine Hadj Ali, Multi-prises (France)
    • Louise Buleon Kayser, Roi musclée (France)
    • Clémence Baubant, TRIBU[T] (France)
    • Claire Durand-Drouhin, Une Famille singulière (France)
    • Abdallah Damra, What did you do behind the curtain? (Palestine)
  • Winners 2022
    • 1st Prize : Leïla Ka, Bouffées (France)
    • 2nd Prize : Omori Yoko, Help (Japon)
    • 3rd Prize : Jerson Diasonama, CORE (France)
    • Prize of the jury of the young : Ioanna Paraskevopoulou, Coconot Effect (Grèce)
    • Technicians Prize : Abdallah Damra, What did you do behind the curtain? (Palestine), Omori Yoko, Help (Japon)

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