Support for the Fondation Royaumont’s Centre for Choreographic Creation

Prototype © Fondation Royaumont
"Perception" in the framework of "Transforme" © Laurent Paillier | Fondation Royaumont
"Prototype" © Fondation Royaumont
Since 2008, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès has accompanied the Fondation Royaumont, which offers a rich and demanding professional training programme for dancers through its Centre for Choreographic Creation (“Pôle Création Chorégraphique”). Every year, selected young talents are invited to perfect their choreographic composition skills in an exceptional architectural setting.

The Fondation Royaumont was created in 1964, not only to preserve and restore the Abbaye de Royaumont in the Val d’Oise, but also to endow this unique heritage site with a living cultural project. Over the years, the Fondation Royaumont has forged a programme that brings together artistic training and the creation of new works, and which is open to the full range of contemporary musical and choreographic languages. It was in this spirit, and in order to engage with emerging artists seeking to work on choreographic writing, that the “Programme Recherche et Composition Chorégraphiques” (PRCC) was inaugurated in 1995.

Since 2008, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès has accompanied this training programme, which today is based in the Centre for Choreographic Creation led by Hervé Robbe. Having overseen the pedagogical and artistic direction of the programme since 2013, in 2019 Robbe introduced a series of new formats. The programmes “Parcours jeune talent”, “Repérage” and “Résonance” offer residencies to young artists to accompany them in their professional training. The Centre offers three further life-long learning programmes for confirmed dancers: “Praxis” addresses performers, while “Le Labo-choréographique” brings together twelve choreographers for a three-week laboratory, and “Opus” seeks to open up dialogues and forge new modes of collaboration between dancers and choreographers.

Performing arts
CRCC de la Fondation Royaumont
Since 2008, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès has accompanied the professional dance training programmes offered by the Fondation Royaumont.
The Fondation Royaumont’s dance training programmes are open to emerging dancers and choreographers.
Dancers are trained in choreography so that they can in turn can create new works.
Lifelong learning, residencies and creative laboratories enable artists to explore their practice beyond conventional trajectories.


  • This summer, a festival will take place on the weekends of 21-22 August and 18-19 September 2021 to showcase works created over the year’s residencies. Click here for the full programme.  

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