Artists in the Community bursaries

Theatre workshop, Égalité des chances programme, éstba, Bordeaux (France) © Pierre Planchenault
Alongside its support for artistic creation, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès is committed to increasing access to training and education for tomorrow’s artists. In 2019, the Foundation created a set of means-tested bursaries to ensure that theatre, dance and circus students can fully dedicate their energies to their future careers.

Careers in the performing arts should be open to all who aspire to them, and especially those for whom such a career constitutes a big leap over economic, social and symbolic barriers. In order to help future artists make their dreams a reality, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès has developed a programme of means-tested bursaries for students whose financial situation may prevent them from expressing their full potential and succeeding in their performing-arts training.

In practical terms, the bursaries are open to students who have been accepted on dance, theatre or circus programmes at one of nineteen partner institutions located throughout France. After an open call for applications, bursaries are awarded by a selection committee who have already enabled two intakes of bursary students to be supported by the Foundation. The amount awarded varies according to the financial circumstances of each applicant, and the bursaries are delivered in monthly instalments for a period of up to three academic years. This financial support aims to free students from everyday economic concerns so that they can fully dedicate themselves to their artistic training.

These bursaries further strengthen the Foundation’s efforts to promote equal opportunities in the performing arts. Through this, and its commitment to the Prépa’Théâtre 93 programme at the MC93 in Bobigny, the Foundation works to support emerging artists both before and after the competitive entrance exams for dance, theatre and circus schools. Through these twin initiatives, it helps young talents from all backgrounds to build careers in the performing arts and to pursue their professional development, so that they, in turn, can contribute to the vitality of contemporary dance and theatre.

Performing arts
The Foundation has developed a set of means-tested bursaries for financially disadvantaged students.
The Foundation’s bursary programme is open to students who have been accepted to one of nineteen partner institutions across France.
No matter their social backgrounds, young talents should be able to build careers in the performing arts and flourish professionally.

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