Exhibitions at Atelier Hermès in 2019

9 Mar
28 Jul 2019
Jihyun Jung
Jihyun Jung, "Multipurpose Henry", Atelier Hermès, 2019 © Kiyong NAM
Jihyun Jung
Jihyun Jung, "Multipurpose Henry", Atelier Hermès, 2019 © Kiyong NAM
Jihyun Jung
Jihyun Jung, "Multipurpose Henry", Atelier Hermès, 2019 © Kiyong NAM
Kim Yunkyoung, the curator of Atelier Hermès, launches the 2019 programme with a solo exhibition by artist Jihyun Jung. This young Korean artist creates sculptures and installations using objects found in the streets of Seoul. This exhibition, bearing the imprint of the flux of urban life, is followed by another featuring work by one of Korea’s leading photographers, Oksun Kim. Her portraits of former nurses evoke the flows of migration and the singular position of the migrant worker.

Jihyun Jung (b. 1986, South Korea) draws his inspiration from the urban surroundings of cities. Seoul, the capital of South Korea and the world’s third-most populous city, offers an ever-changing décor for Jihyun Jung’s practice, in which he tirelessly collects cast-offs of all kinds and reuses “poor” raw materials from a dizzying range of sources. These elements pile up in his vast studio before being reworked by hand, their original functions receding into the background as they are integrated into sculptures and installations whose forms hold the possibility of constant evolution. Entitled “Multipurpose Henry” in a reference to British sculptor Henry Moore, Jihyun Jung’s solo show at Atelier Hermès features a new ensemble of work that is in many ways difficult to comprehend, sidestepping and defying any simple definition.

After a project based on the plant species native to her home island of Jeju, Oksun Kim (b. 1967, South Korea) returns to portraiture, a genre that has long dominated her practice. Working in a register close to that of America’s “straight photography” movement, she concentrates her research on recurring themes that run throughout her body of work. For the new series presented at Atelier Hermès, Oksun Kim investigated an episode of modern Korean history that produced a wave of immigration to West Germany in the 1960s and 1970s, and in particular the stories of former (professionally trained) nurses who pioneer their lives in a foreign country. Her images show retired women, often captured in a moment of physical instability, and seem to invite the viewer to question his or her own past.

Visual arts
Atelier Hermès
South Korea
In 2019, Atelier Hermès will present solo exhibitions by a young visual artist and a seasoned photographer.
Paying close attention to urban ways of life, Jihyun Jung works using found objects gleaned from city streets.
Photographer Oksun Kim presents a project that stemmed from encounters with Korean nurses who pioneered their lives in West Germany


Exhibition dates
  • Jihyun Jung, “Multipurpose Henry”, from 09/03/2019 to 05/05/2019
  • Oksun Kim, from 31/05/2019 to 28/07/2019 
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