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© Frères des Hommes
© Benedicte Roget – Frères des Hommes
© Benedicte Roget – Frères des Hommes
From 2011 to 2016, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès supported Frères des Hommes and its training programme for carpenters in Senegal. The programme was carried out with a local not-for-profit association and brought together the gestures and skills of woodwork with literacy classes.

Founded in 1965, Frères des Hommes is an international non-governmental organisation that has been recognised for its contribution to society. Active across several continents, Frères des Hommes collaborates with local associations already active on the ground to create lasting improvements in living conditions for some of the world’s most disadvantaged populations. Across the various countries and sectors of activity in which it works, Frères des Hommes specialises in supporting initiatives that encourage professional training and apprenticeships.

In Senegal, Frères des Hommes works with Kora-PRD, an established local association known for its expertise in facilitating professional training for artisans. Craft trades and carpentry in particular play a key social and economic role in the country as the main alternative for young people outside of the educational system. However, the training for this sector is often ad-hoc, incomplete, unpaid and lacking in official recognition; formalising this process is thus a pressing imperative that could help boost the status of the carpentry trade.

The programme supported by Frères des Hommes offers a range of specialised craft skills and literacy classes, as well as courses in technical drawing and sculpture. The association makes workshops and machinery freely available to apprentices and seasoned carpenters alike; this shared resource bank also helps to increase the sector’s productivity.

In Senegal, Frères des Hommes works to train carpenters.
The initiative brings together the transmission of expert skills and gestures with literacy and drawing classes.
A collective tool bank makes tools and machinery available to craftspeople in order to boost the sector.

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