Exhibitions at La Verrière in 2023

Marion Verboom, "Achronie 32", 2022, plaster, pigments, paint and resin, 194 x 51 cm, courtesy of the artist and gallery, The Pill © Nicolas Brasseur
Marion Verboom, "Achronie 7, 9, 10 & 11", 2017, view of the exhibition, courtesy of the artist and gallery, Jérôme Poggi © Nicolas Brasseur
Marion Verboom, "Achronies" (détail / detail / detail), 2021, plaster, pigments, paint and resin, variable dimensions, courtesy of the artist and gallery, The Pill © Nicolas Brasseur
As the new curator of La Verrière, Joël Riff approaches the Brussels space as a focal point around which to gather, and a lens through which to gaze. Taking ways of experiencing matter as its point of departure, his exhibition programme combines visual, decorative and applied arts in the form of “augmented solos”, in which the practice of each artist is seen as part of a community of gestures and creative affinities.

Since 2016, Marion Verboom (b. France, 1983) has been continuously expanding her series Achronies: sections of columns, distinguished from each other by their patterns and materials, are stacked to create an infinite succession of composite forms. “Chryséléphantine”, the first exhibition in Belgium by this French artist, references the name of a combination of precious materials (gold and ivory) practised since Antiquity. This classical and technical reference further acts as the touchstone for the approach that Joël Riff adopts in his wider hybrid project, which is committed to celebrating sculpture in all its diversity. Marion Verboom incorporates elements from her studio into the Achronies series, including moulds that reveal her methodology by their very forms.

This solo exhibition unfolds in a generous fashion, exploring links and synergies with a number of other artists (Richard Deacon, Tjok Dessauvage, Henri Laurens, Maude Maris, touche-touche and Chloé Vernerey) whose respective approaches to art dialogue with that of Marion Verboom and open up perspectives on other practices. Beyond La Verrière, the exhibition resonates with Brussels itself: the history and heritage of the city have inspired new motifs in Marion Verboom’s oeuvre. Finally, it continues its journey in the form of a new publication featuring a serialised story penned by Amélie Lucas-Gary.

Visual arts
Curator Joël Riff is now in charge of the exhibition programme at La Verrière in Brussels.
For his first show, he invites artist Marion Verboom for a celebration of sculpture in all its forms.
This solo exhibition explores synergies with seven other artists, and resonates with the city of Brussels.


  • Exhibition dates
    • Marion Verboom, "Chryséléphantine", from 9/02/23 to 22/04/23
  • Practical information

    La Verrière
    Boulevard de Waterloo 50
    1000 Brussels Belgium

    Free admission, 
    Tuesday to Saturday
    from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Curator

    Joël Riff